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Shared Photos – a UPnP/DLNA image viewer for Android

January 10, 2015

‘Shared Photos’ is a small image viewer for Android that loads and displays images stored on an UPnP/DLNA server in the local network. I wrote it in the last weeks to become familiar Android development. It has some unique features which I could not find in similar apps on Google Play:

  • Support for Low Profile and Immersive Full-Screen Mode.
  • Show image description stored in IPTC metadata as subtitle.
  • Automatic screen rotation: the image is rotated so that it covers as much pixels of the screen as possible.
  • Zooming, panning etc. as in the Android Gallery app.
  • Easy to use. Just start it, choose a server and browse your images.
Albums overview

Albums overview

All images in an album

All images in an album

Show image in Low-Profile Fullscreen Mode (Android 4.3).

Show image in Low-Profile Fullscreen Mode (Android 4.3).

I use some really great libraries in this project, namely PhotoView to display images, metadata-extractor to extract metadata/thumbnails and Cling to access DLNA servers. Thanks for that!

However, although the app uses UPnP/DLNA to communicate with the server, I can’t promise that it works with a lot of servers out there. I almost exclusively tested it with MiniDLNA 1.0.21. For this reason, I decided to not publish it on Google Play for now, maybe at some time in the future. Moreover, the app probably still contains a lot of bugs, as I have not used and tested it extensively. It basically works for me on a Sony Xperia (Android 7.0), Nexus 10 (Android 5.0), Nexus 7 2013 (Android 4.4.4) and Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.3). I will publish it here to get some feedback and because the source code may be interesting for someone.

If you want to try it out, you can download the APK below. As usual, the source is on GitHub. Feel free to fork, play with the code and contribute, if you like.

Update 2015-03-27 Added option to disable automatic screen rotation and subtitles.
Update 2016-04-30 Added option to change size of thumbnails in browser.
Update 2017-06-10 Save scroll position when navigating between folders (thanks to jhavens1566). Support for Android N.